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Victoria's style of teaching is traditional and challenging. She will encourage you to really consider your technique and form throughout the class. She has 5+ years of teaching experience and is also a PT, Victoria specializes ante and post natal exercise so if you are currently pregnant she will ensure your safety.
On a personal level she practices what she preaches and takes regular classical equipment classes to keep her engaged and informed as a teacher. Victoria is also passionate about nutrition and is always happy to chat on this subject.

Victoria instructs the following:
  • Intermediate Pilates
  • This level of class requires a good level of strength, fitness and understanding of the basics that are taught in the beginners classes. Using the tools that the machine provides, we can accommodate a very wide range of abilities in these classes and continually challenge you as you improve. These classes are designed to be challenging and to overload your body causing it to adapt and transform.

  • Beginners Pilates
  • Our Beginners classes place a heavy focus and importance on the basics of breathing, posture and the essential movements as well as introducing you to the reformer machine. These classes are designed to help you feel comfortable with the reformer and the studio environment. It is very wise to take the time to learn these basics well, giving you a foundation of knowledge, before moving up. Even if you have done pilates before we highly recommend you attend a Beginners class for your first experience of Absolute.